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About Us

Konoba has many definitions but the sentiment remains the same, a place to share food, wine and laughter.

The produce we use is from fresh, local harvests. We wash, slice and dry every single ingredient listed in our seasonings. We keep our pantries stocked with peak-season, high-quality produce to ensure that every bottle is jam-packed with flavour!


You can also rest assured knowing that Konoba Gourmet is free of GMO’s, harmful fillers, preservatives or clumping agents, is lactose-free, gluten-free and made in a safe and sterile environment!

We’ve invested in the best equipment and tools for prepping, cleaning and customizing the drying hours of each ingredient. Studies have shown that vegetables can lose 15-50% of their vitamin content after harvest therefore our low-heat dehydration process allows us to lock in most of the nutrients and healthy enzymes. If you have been focusing more on your health lately, it may be a good idea to increase your vitamin and mineral intake by getting these nutrients into your body – even when certain types of produce may not be in season!


Our 7 Signature Seasonings help you make easy and nearly effortless meals by taking the guess work out creating gourmet, flavourful dishes.

Spice it up with Konoba's Signature Seasonings!

Red Dots on Black

Meet the Konoba King

After working in the hospitality industry for nearly 15 years, it was time to explore his passion for food and entrepreneurship. Working in his family restaurant for over 10 years, he developed a culinary passion which inspired him to become head chef and operations manager. Matt became a noteworthy leader amongst friends, family and clients for his culinary skills, attention to detail, and desire to transform people of all levels into the cooks they want to be.

Matt has since become a food expert with experience in product and recipe development for the restaurant and retail industry. You may recognize him for his work as a Mixologist at some of Toronto's highly esteemed, fine-dining establishments, welcoming cocktail and cuisine connoisseurs alike.

When it comes to food, Matt’s passion has always been to create extravagant meals while entertaining others. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences through great conversation.


As a new business owner, he strives to offer knowledge and insights, and pass along techniques that the everyday home chef can use to create dishes with incredible flavour using Konoba Gourmet Seasonings. A broad understanding of flavour and taste, years of practical food knowledge and hands-on cooking with fresh, real ingredients translated into what Konoba Gourmet is today.

In addition to his primary role as Owner/Operator and Visionary, Matt has been recognized by his clientele for his extraordinary commitment to sourcing the most sustainable, local and fresh produce and ingredients available. Driven by a passion for good food, he takes pride in providing the best tasting product possible.

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